“The Trap of Hypocrisy:” New Collins Ad

“I’ve been fishing these lobster traps longer than Sara Gideon has been in Maine.”

Gideon attacked Collins’ successful PPP while her family benefited from it

“Gideon’s not being honest.”

Members of the press: 

Mainers tell it like it is, and in a new TV ad released today by Collins for Senator, Arundel lobsterman Wayne Parry draws attention to Sara Giden’s frequent tendency to say one thing, but do another.

Parry points to one particularly glaring example: Gideon’s political attacks on the overwhelmingly successful Paycheck Protection Program. Gideon has criticized the program, which Senator Susan Collins wrote, claiming it wasn’t working for Maine’s small businesses, thus very likely discouraging some business owners from even trying to take advantage of the program. 

The problem is - the law firm where Gideon’s husband works was benefiting from the very same program and Gideon never said a word! 

According to records, Berman & Simmons received between $1 million and $2 million in federal assistance. That’s fine - but Sara Gideon is clearly not being honest. Why is she attacking a program that is benefiting her own family?  


See these traps? I've been fishing these traps longer than Sara Gideon's lived in Maine. 

So when Sara Gideon attacks Susan Collins on the Paycheck Protection Program, I know Gideon's not being honest. 

Susan wrote the PPP, which helped thousands of Maine small businesses just like mine. 

And now we've learned Gideon's husband's law firm took up to two million in PPP money benefiting from the same program she attacks.

That's hypocrisy. 

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