FACT CHECK: Gideon’s insulin ad is FALSE

Gideon’s DC-based Team Pinocchio continues to mislead Mainers

Members of the press, 

Check out our new video fact-checking Sara Gideon’s latest false ad.

The ad claims Gideon passed legislation that lowers the price of insulin. 

That is FALSE.

Gideon’s bill simply caps co-pays on insulin. It didn’t touch the actual price of insulin. Co-pays are set by the insurer, not by the company that makes the medication.

And Gideon’s legislation would only apply to those with private insurance - if a person doesn’t have private insurance, her bill wouldn’t apply.

Gideon’s ad also claims she took on Big Pharma. 

That’s also FALSE. 

The first donation to her personal leadership PAC came from a pharmaceutical company - and she’s received many more contributions from the pharmaceutical industry since.

And Gideon’s campaign ad includes the logo of the American Diabetes Association, as if the ADA had endorsed Gideon.

That is FALSE.

Are you seeing a pattern here? Gideon’s DC-based campaign isn’t concerned with telling the truth to Mainers. The DC establishment running Gideon’s campaign wants to win at all costs.

Check out our new video fact-checking Gideon’s false claims.

PS: Gideon and her allies have been caught by fact-checkers before.

Remember, a recent Gideon attack ad was awarded Three Pinocchios, a “Mostly False” rating, by the Washington Post last week. And a false ad by Maine Momentum, a dark money group staffed by Gideon and Pingree alums, was awarded a Three Pinocchios rating by Washington Post as well.

PPS: You can tell that Gideon’s ad was rushed and wasn’t fact-checked by her DC-based staff - her last name is spelled wrong in the ad’s disclaimer.

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