Gideon is listed as contact for family business on its website

Record shows Gideon misled reporter when questioned about business

Members of the press:

In case you missed it: Despite what she told a reporter on Friday, records show Sara Gideon did, in fact, play a role in her family’s real estate company.

She’s listed on the company’s website registration as its contact - indisputable proof that she was directly involved with Concord Brook, LLC, and that she misled the reporter (and Mainers) about her role.

Here’s what Gideon said Friday when asked by a reporter about the situation.

“Here are the actual facts,” Gideon said. “My husband years and years ago was involved in a business venture and there were these liens that existed for a short period of time. It was in 2008 when the housing market crashed and in fact that business that he was involved with – not a family business – did pay off all of the taxes and settled everything with the bank in a timely manner. And Senator Collins is very aware that those are the facts.”

Here’s the real estate company’s website registration. As you can see, Sara Gideon is listed as the contact for the family business on its own website.

This revelation compounds the evidence that Gideon was in fact involved in the business, despite her efforts to convince Mainers otherwise.


As we reported last week, a Nexis search shows Sara Gideon as "Director of Marketing" for the now-defunct condo investment business:

Sara Gideon denied involvement with Concord Brook LLC, and even tried to distance her husband from it. But the records show she is not telling the truth.

Sara Gideon's business took a $4 million loan, accrued 77 tax liens, and ended up selling in foreclosure for only $622,000 -- just months before Sara bought a million-dollar oceanfront home.

Mainers deserve the truth about this situation.

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