In her own words: Gideon’s rapidly evolving explanation of why she dodged taxes

Every time Gideon talks to press, she tells a different story about her role in failed business

Members of the press:

Sara Gideon’s family business failed to pay its taxes 77 times. While it was dodging its taxes, Gideon was voting to raise her neighbors’ property tax rates as a member of the Freeport Town Council.

She has tried to wriggle her way out of these simple facts, and we wanted to outline how her story has changed.


Gideon said she had nothing to do with the project. She gave this statement to the Portland Press Herald on August 21.



Gideon contradicted her Press Herald statement (and herself) in an interview with WMTW on Sept. 1. First, she said it was her husband’s project, like she did to the Press Herald. [Emphasis on husband.] 

Then, when confronted with clear evidence she worked on the project, she said: "I did a couple of hours on that project, yes."


The next day, Sept. 2, the Bangor Daily News reported that Gideon’s story changed again: 

The candidate’s campaign has said she worked for the company briefly in 2006 and 2007, though it did not answer questions about whether she was paid or how much.”

It’s clear that Gideon isn’t telling the truth about this situation on multiple fronts. Her changing story about her role in the failed family business is just one clear example that demonstrates how she has decided to handle legitimate questions about her record. 

Her lack of transparency warrants additional scrutiny. 


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