Latest Quinnipiac Poll is an extreme outlier

Members of the press:

The latest Quinnipiac poll is an extreme outlier, especially when considering all recent public (and private) polls in this race.  

The most recent public poll in this race was released last week by AARP. 

  1. The AARP poll last week had this as a ONE POINT race. That poll had Sara Gideon leading 48-47. Read more here:

  2. The numbers with Independents show the biggest flaw with this poll.  Last week, the AARP poll had Senator Collins up 11 with Independents. This Quinnipiac poll has Senator Collins losing independents by 23 points, which has led to the outlier result.  In other words, this poll is suggesting that Susan Collins dropped 34 points with Independents in one week.

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