Gideon should be asked: Is fossil fuel money bad? Or good?

Members of the press,

Sara Gideon continues to proudly tout endorsements from billionaires who made their fortunes in fossil fuel investments. Today, Tom Steyer and the Tom Steyer-funded, New York City-based Natural Resources Defense Council announced their endorsements.

Of course, Gideon only announced the NRDC endorsement, not the Tom Steyer endorsement -- probably because California billionaire Tom Steyer made his money through his investments in fossil fuels.

The problem with that decision? NRDC is also funded by fossil fuel billionaire Tom Steyer (as is NextGen, Steyer’s political group. NextGen has a number of fossil fuel-funded staffers on the ground in Maine trying to elect Gideon).

And remember, fossil fuel billionaire Donald Sussman and Houston fossil fuel magnate Michael Zilka are also some of Gideon’s biggest supporters.

Read our Twitter thread on the topic here.

Remember - Gideon says it’s bad to take donations from the “Texas fossil fuel industry.” 

So is she going to repudiate Steyer and NRDC’s endorsement? Will she return Sussman and Zilka’s money?

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