NEW: Senator Collins endorsed by wave of Independent Leaders

Bill Cohen, Joe Lieberman, Charlie Baker, Larry Hogan throw support behind Collins

New endorsements follow Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine and Maine Fraternal Order of Police

In case you missed it, Senator Susan Collins today received several key endorsements from respected national leaders, including two of the most popular sitting governors in the U.S.

  • Former Maine Senator and U.S. Secretary of Defense Bill Cohen endorsed Collins in a Portland Press Herald op-ed this morning, saying “Sara Gideon’s campaign has evidently abandoned Maine’s traditional approach to campaigning in favor of the use of false and misleading claims.”

  • Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker endorsed Collins today, saying “As governor of Massachusetts, I work with both parties to get things done. Susan Collins does that in the Senate,” Baker says in another spot. “She’s pro-environment, pro-women, pro-Maine.”

  • Current Maryland Governor Larry Hogan endorsed Collins today, saying “Maine has a long history of independent-thinking leaders, and Susan Collins is exactly the kind of independent, thoughtful and effective leader that we desperately need in the Senate.”

  • Former Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman endorsed Collins in recent days, saying "I'm a lifelong Democrat but I put my country first, always. That's why I'm supporting Susan Collins for Senate." Lieberman alternately served with Collins as chairman and ranking member on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

  • President George W. and former First Lady Laura Bush have also endorsed Senator Collins. The former president says Collins is “honest, forthright… and brings dignity” to the Senate.

Other groups that have recently endorsed Collins include the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, the Maine Fraternal Order of Police, the American Unity Fund, an LGBTQ advocacy organization, and NFIB, which represents thousands of small businesses owners around Maine.

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