New Video: Gideon Moves Debate Goalposts As Mainers Start Requesting Absentee Ballots

On July 15, Senator Collins called for 16 debates and said “Let’s start tonight…”

Sara Gideon initially said she wanted debates in August

Now, she won’t agree to debate until September

Members of the press:

A new video shows Sara Gideon moving the debate goalposts... again. 

This time, she appears to be moving her initial, inadequate plan to debate 5 times beginning in August to a new start date of September. 

That’s absurd. Mainers are already requesting absentee ballots - it’s time to debate.

On July 15, Senator Collins called for 16 debates… one in each county… and said, “Let’s start tonight.” She sent a letter to Gideon seeking to work together to develop a debate schedule. To date, Gideon’s campaign has not responded. Instead, Gideon publicly announced a new debate-ducking strategy! In a press release, and in this video of Gideon addressing the Kittery Democrats, she says “I believe the first one [debate] will be in September.”

Gideon is trying to create the illusion that she’s having a discussion with our campaign. She’s not. Gideon is trying to create the illusion that she’s ready and willing to debate. She’s not. Instead, it will be eight weeks from the time Collins said “Let’s start tonight” before Gideon is willing to come out of hiding and step on stage to debate the facts.

Maine voters deserve to hear from their candidates now. Not a few weeks before Election Day.

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