Not a joke: Gideon uses Russian footage in her TV ad


Gideon’s DC-run campaign goes international

Sara Gideon is running a DC-driven campaign, and now she’s gone international: Gideon is featuring video shot in Russia in a new campaign ad!

That’s right: Gideon’s DC-run campaign released a TV ad featuring stock footage using a Russian actor.

Ironically, the ad was Gideon’s attempt to (falsely) deny the financial influence out-of-state interests have on her campaign by attacking Senator Collins.

Compare the screenshot from Gideon’s ad with the Getty Images stock footage database.

Gideon campaign ad

Getty Images stock footage


Link to location of Gideon's TV footage


The Bangor Daily News reported this week that Gideon's campaign has been funded by more out-of-state donations than any campaign in Maine history. And Gideon has been supported by more out-of-state dark money than any candidate in Maine history as well.

The Gideon campaign is a cookie-cutter effort, run out of Democrat headquarters in Washington, DC. Her staff, her major funders, her consultants, her dark money allies, and apparently the actors in her commercials -- none of them are from Maine.

Sara Gideon’s DC-run campaign using Russian actors in its ads really highlights the out-of state approach her campaign has.


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