Rhode Island’s Progressive Democrats spamming Mainers on behalf of Gideon TONIGHT

Latest in a long, long, long list of progressive out-of-state Dems telling Mainers how to vote

Members of the press: 

Sara Gideon, born in the wealthiest town in Rhode Island and currently residing in a $1.3 million mansion on the southern Maine oceanfront, is the largest beneficiary of out-of-state political support in Maine’s history.

Tonight is no different: Gideon’s campaign is being supported by both a progressive Rhode Island and a progressive New York City group that are working to elect their choice to Maine’s Senate seat.

Of course, it’s no surprise that Gideon’s campaign is supported so overwhelmingly by out-of-state progressive interests. At an event last year, Gideon made a point to express how growing up in a wealthy, progressive circle in Rhode Island made her the person she is today.

“All of you Rhode Islanders: thank you thank you for welcoming me home tonight. I can’t really express to you what it means to come back to the place where I was born and raised and spent so many wonderful formative years of my life because really the person that I am today is everything about the years I experienced here growing up.

Gideon’s approach, which is to make Maine more like her progressive home state, is echoed by the long, long list of out-of-state groups that are working on her behalf.

Consider this: Sara Gideon has spent more time interacting with out-of-state interests than she has fulfilling her role as Maine's Speaker of the House in the last 6 months.

What does this mean for Maine? Gideon's focus is driven primarily by out-of-state interests, and that's not why we elect Senators here.  

Here’s a sample of some events held by out-of-state interests telling Mainers how to vote and trying to get Gideon elected just since the July 14 primary.


  • The RI state treasurer and Progressive Charlestown RI are holding a 5pm volunteer training for Gideon.

  • A New York City group is holding a phone bank for Gideon - one of multiple phone banks the group has hosted.


  • Planned Parenthood, a DC group, held a phone bank for Gideon at 4pm.

  • The Georgetown University Democrats held a phone bank for Gideon at 4pm.



  • The Democratic Women of Westport, Connecticut held a phone bank for Gideon from 3-6pm.


  • Indivisible and a coalition of other out-of-state progressive groups held a training on how to create personal testimonials for Gideon at 6:30PM.

  • Progressive Schenectady held a phone bank for Gideon.



  • Gideon held a virtual fundraiser with Colorado-based progressive Electing Women PAC.

  • Gideon held a virtual fundraiser with Cory Booker and two House candidates from AZ and TX at 5pm.


  • Gideon attended a virtual fundraiser with JStreetPAC at 3pm.

  • Gideon attended an out-of-state group’s fundraiser with John Hickenlooper, Gary Peters, MJ Hegar, and Raphael Warnock at 9pm.


  • Be A Hero/Mainers for Accountable Leadership/Maine People’s Alliance, all out-of state funded dark money groups, went on a statewide tour attacking Susan Collins.


  • Swing Left Rhode Island and Swing Left Boston, two progressive groups, held a “virtual post-primary kickoff” for Gideon, which she attended.


  • Emerge America, a DC/CA progressive group with strong dark money ties, held a fundraiser for Gideon that she attended.


  • Indivisible Martha’s Vineyard, a progressive group with “Defund the Police” ties, held a fundraiser for Gideon.


  • A Newton, MA progressive group threw a fundraiser for Gideon the day after the primary.



  • The Hell's Kitchen (NYC) Democrats are holding a 1PM phone bank for Gideon.


  • The Manhattan Young Democrats are "teaming up with the Sara Gideon campaign" to hold a phone bank from 7-8pm.

  • Progressive Schenectady is holding a phone bank for Gideon.


  • The Democratic Women of Westport, Connecticut are holding a phone bank for Gideon from 3-6pm.

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