Sara Gideon accepts $4 million BRIBE

Gideon has already raised the most out-of-state $ in Maine history, yet still accepted funding intended to bribe Senator Collins

Gideon has track record of campaign ethics violations & backing special interests

Clear example of a bribe: $ offered in exchange for a vote

Members of the press:

Today, Sara Gideon showed that her vote is for sale to the highest bidder. She accepted a $4 million pot of money that was originally intended to sway Senator Collins’ vote… in other words, a bribe.

Click here to watch our video on Gideon auctioning her vote off to the highest bidder.

Click here to watch our video about Gideon taking the bribe.

Collins rejected the bribe, a fund originally established by an out-of-state, dark money group, because her vote is not for sale.

Check out the definition of bribery in U.S. code: 


Section 201 of Title 18 is entitled "Bribery of public officials and witnesses." The statute comprises two distinct offenses, however, and in common parlance only the first of these is true "bribery."

The first offense, codified in section 201(b), prohibits the giving or accepting of anything of value to or by a public official, if the thing is given "with intent to influence" an official act, or if it is received by the official "in return for being influenced."

That’s exactly what happened here. A fund was established to try and bribe Senator Collins to vote against the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.  If the Senator voted no, the money would be returned to the donors, but if she voted YES, the money would be donated to Collins’ future Democratic opponent.  

Sara Gideon became the nominee Tuesday and she rushed to take the money as soon as she could; her vote was SOLD to the highest bidder.

It’s no surprise, however - Gideon has a long track record of hypocrisy, campaign ethics violations and backing special interests.

Of course, the three groups that raised the money are all dark money groups and any reporting on this bribe should report its origins as such.

If Sara Gideon was concerned about taking this bribe for any reason, she would have rejected it. But she kept it, and it’ll be spent on her false TV ads and out-of-state staffers.

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