Sara Gideon’s Lincoln Project

FORMER Republicans running Democratic-funded sleazy ads

Yet another DC group airing ridiculous accusations and false assertions so Gideon can stay hidden from scrutiny

Members of the press:

Sara Gideon is a huge beneficiary of dark & billionaire outside money and her newest backer, a group of former GOP consultants who now support Democrats, is just the latest to come to Maine with an ad making false claims on Gideon’s behalf.

Gideon’s advertising tidal wave spawned by outside benefactors has allowed her to dodge debates and stay hidden from scrutiny. 

Do not be fooled: this is not a Republican group. This is a project funded by billionaire Democratic donors and the far left online network. Please see and CNN on the group’s billionaire and far left funding.

The ad calls Senator Collins a number of names usually not heard in Maine politics. These claims are false. Senator Collins is literally the most bipartisan member of Congress, and Georgetown University’s Lugar Center called her the “Gold Standard” for bipartisanship. 

This ad is a perfect example of how Sara Gideon is running her campaign - dodging debates, staying hidden in Chuck Schumer’s windowless basement, and letting billionaire Democratic donors run attack ads on her account.

A few things to know about the Lincoln Project:

  • It’s not a GOP group. Many of the leaders left the Republican Party and currently work to get Democrats elected.

  • It’s not a GOP-funded group. In fact, it’s leading funders include multiple Democratic billionaires.

  • It’s comprised of unsavory characters that work for whoever pays the most, including as foreign agents for Russian business interests.

  • Sara Gideon has not yet condemned their sleazy ad.

The bottom line is, Sara Gideon is able to stay in hiding because of the unprecedented amount of out-of-state money coming into Maine to support her - despite her campaign rhetoric about money in politics. This group is just the latest arm of the Democratic party to spend big on a false ad, and Gideon sure doesn’t seem to mind.

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