Sen. Collins: An honor well-deserved

from Foster's Daily Democrat: We don’t generally put much stock in political rankings of who is the best at this or who is most faithful to a particular cause. Too many are jury-rigged for political gain.

But the announcement this week that U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, made ELLE Magazine’s Washington’s 2014 Power List caught our attention and drew a collective nod of agreement from our editorial board.

In part, this is because we have long respected the senator’s ability to influence her colleagues and respect those who have repeatedly re-elected her to office. 

Unlike some splash-in-the pan politicians, Collins has charted a steady course in the Senate since 1997 when she first took office.

Through our sister newspaper in Maine, The Sanford News, we came to know Collins early on.

One such meeting was over lunch — one on one with the senator sans an entourage. No pun intended, nothing was off the table as our editor and the senator chatted uninterrupted at a local diner. 

In a nutshell that is the kind of senator Collins has continued to be — accessible, responsible, responsive and uncorrupted by the prestige which comes from being a U.S. Senator. When ELLE chose to honor Collins our only surprise was that it took so long. 

In honoring Collins, ELLE Editor-in-chief Robbie Myers said the senator “is just such an interesting person … but also really fundamental in helping break up the gridlock in Washington, D.C., around the shutdown.”

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