Tonight's Senate debate put Shenna Bellows' struggle with facts on full display. We are still reviewing her statements, but at first pass we've identified some key areas of note:

Shenna denied calling Common Core a ‘federal mandate’:

When Senator Collins corrected Shenna’s statement from a previous debate that Common Core is a federal mandate, Shenna denied saying this: “And what I said in the earlier debate wasn’t that Common Core was a federal mandate, but that measures like No Child Left Behind and Common Core are harming our schools…”

This is not true. Here is the video of her statement from the WAGM debate Monday night, where she clearly stated, “Measures like No Child Left Behind and Common Core are Federal mandates…”


Shenna advocated for a minimum wage above $15 an hour:

Shenna has said the minimum wage should be equal to a livable wage. ( see her quote here: ) Tonight she defined a livable wage as more than $15 an hour.  The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has said an increase to $10.10 an hour would cause a loss of 500,000 jobs. Shenna’s goal would increase that number substantially.


Shenna denied calling for conversion of BIW away from defense contracting:

Shenna tonight denied calling for the conversion of Bath Iron Works away from defense contracting. This is untrue. Earlier this year, Shenna appeared with a controversial peace activist named David Swanson. Shenna agreed with Swanson on the need to convert BIW, and then answered audience questions about the conversion process.
Here is the video:

Here is an overview of her quotes:


Shenna flipflopped on her opposition to the Ebola travel ban:

Shenna tonight denied opposing a travel ban as a way to stop the spread of Ebola. This is not true. Shenna spoke out against the concept of travel bans in previous debates, and in an interview with MPBN’s Mal Leary she again spoke out against travel restrictions:

But Bellows opposes travel restrictions.”


Shenna denied any public evidence that the Snowden leaks have put our troops at risk:

Tonight Shenna said, “In response to a question regarding if the info leaked by Snowden would harm our troops? There is no evidence publically that it has in fact done so.”

This is false. Defense Intelligence Agency Director  Lt Gen. Michael Flynn, in public testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, said this:

“SEN. COLLINS: So this caused grave damage to our national security and you would agree that it puts at risk, potentially, the lives of our troops? Is that accurate?

GEN. FLYNN: Yes, ma’am.”

Video here:









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