Senator Susan Collins Helps Mark Newport Bicentennial

Newport’s bicentennial celebration wrapped up today with a special visit from Senator Susan Collins.


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This week’s festivities included a parade, carnival, and canoe race.

Today Senator Collins helped seal a time capsule commemorating the occasion.

Along with momentos from the town, Collins added a special senate coin and an American flag to the capsule.

She says she couldn’t miss the chance to help a town with such a storied history mark its 200th birthday.

“It’s an interesting community that has had manufacturing, farming, forest products industry. It’s a very diverse community in its industrial and economic base. Most of all it’s a community where people really pull together, and I think the response to this bicentennial celebration illustrates how much the residents care about the community,” said Collins.

The time capsule will be opened at Newport’s tri-centennial in 2114.


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