The Cost of Failed Leadership: Sara Gideon’s Ridiculous PPP Tax

Collins Delivered Billions in Aid for Maine Workers and Employers, But Now Gideon’s 4 Month Vacation Means They Could Be Taxed

Perfect Encapsulation of What’s At Stake In This Race

Members of the press:

House Speaker Sara Gideon’s failed leadership means that Maine employers who received assistance through the Paycheck Protection Program now face a state tax on their forgivable loans - the exact opposite of the intent of the program.

As the Press Herald reported, “Businesses and nonprofits will owe state income tax on the forgiven portion of Paycheck Protection Program loans unless legislators change state law.” State officials were notified about the impending tax in May according to the Press Herald.

Well, guess what: state law won’t change if Speaker Sara Gideon fails to get agreement to bring the State Legislature back to work.

Because Gideon has failed to convene the Legislature and help Mainers with the fallout from COVID, a completely avoidable tax will be levied on 27,000 struggling Maine employers that have benefited from the successful Paycheck Protection Program, authored by Senator Susan Collins. 

Gideon has failed to convene the Legislature for 129 days during the coronavirus pandemic -- an inexcusable legacy of failure.

For more than four months, Gideon has failed to help those who need it most. Now her inaction is literally dragging down aid that Senator Collins was able to secure - and Maine businesses and employees will pay the price.

For background, read the Press Herald on the most unnecessary tax in Maine. 

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