TONIGHT: Don’t be fooled by Gideon’s fake “debate”

Gideon has ducked debates, reporters, and her job as Speaker - now her party is protecting DC’s chosen candidate in a cozy forum

Bre Kidman says a formal grievance had to be filed w/Maine Dems to even get Gideon to appear at a multi-candidate forum (not a debate)

Why is Gideon hiding from Mainers? Answers below!

Members of the press,

The Maine Democratic Party is hosting a forum tonight with the party’s three U.S. Senate candidates. 

That’s right - the Maine Democratic Party is hosting the forum. It’s unlikely the forum will feature any real discussion, tough questions, or debate - so don’t be fooled into thinking this sham constitutes a real debate. It will be a safe place for Gideon to keep hiding, abetted by the party apparatus.

In fact, Bre Kidman, another Democratic candidate, has said that a formal grievance had to be filed with the state party to even get the candidates together in a forum. It’s a clear indication that the party is trying to help Gideon stay out of the public eye.

Gideon’s fear of debates is part of a pattern of behavior.

  • Gideon announced her Senate campaign in July 2019, and tonight will be only the second time all of the Democratic candidates have been onstage together.

The first time was in front of a teen advocacy group EIGHT months ago. Since then, Gideon has deployed every trick in the book to dodge debating her opponents, including flat-out skipping the NewsCenter Maine statewide televised debate, as well as refusing to participate in other multi-candidate events.

  • Gideon adjourned the Legislature 97 days ago. The state’s economic crisis caused by the coronavirus has only grown more serious since then, and Gideon has not called the Legislature back in to help the Governor make tough decisions. 

  • Gideon is also dodging reporters from Maine and national outlets. 

Gideon is hiding because she’s following the “windowless basement” strategy dictated by the folks running Gideon’s campaign in DC like Chuck Schumer. Gideon, an inexperienced and mistake-prone candidate, is more likely to avoid making mistakes if she stays out of the public eye and hidden in the “windowless basement.”

There’s a human cost to her staying hidden, though - because Gideon won’t reconvene the Legislature, Mainers who need help from Augusta have a much harder time getting it.

It’s clear Gideon is more interested in running for the Senate than facing situations that force her to give unscripted answers. It’s telling that her party apparatus is willing to go so far to help her stay hidden, as well.

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