TONIGHT: Sara Gideon skipping WMTW debate to fundraise with “Defund the Police” CA billionaire

Gideon is hiding from voters, raising $$$ from left-wing special interests, and doing nothing to help Mainers during a pandemic

Gideon skipping yet another debate follows news her family directly benefited from Collins’ PPP efforts that Gideon criticized

Members of the press:

Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon is skipping yet another Democratic primary debate -- this time so that she can attend a fundraiser with California fossil fuel billionaire Tom Steyer’s political group. 

Steyer is a leading backer of the “Defund the Police” movement and he has committed $2 million in staff and resources to getting Gideon elected.

The debate is on WMTW at 8pm. The fundraiser is also at 8pm. Gideon will be at the fundraiser, not at the debate.

Gideon is following Chuck Schumer’s "windowless basement" strategy, which calls for the handpicked candidates of national Democrats to hide from voters and the press, and spend their time raising money for television ads.

Gideon has skipped a number of Democratic primary debates - in fact, she has only participated in one debate, which did not go well. 

And, of course, Gideon has skipped work at the Maine Legislature for 113 days and counting. During that time, the Paycheck Protection Program, authored by Senator Collins, supported 240,000 Maine jobs, including more than 1,500 in Rep. Gideon’s House district!

THE KICKER: Gideon also benefited directly from the PPP - her husband’s law firm, at which he’s a partner, received a large loan.

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