VIDEO: Sara Gideon says corporations and the wealthy should pay their “fair share” But she didn’t.

Members of the press:

A new video shows the latest example of Sara Gideon saying one thing and doing another.

In the video, Gideon is recorded saying: “we need to make sure that both corporations and the wealthiest Americans are actually paying their fair share.”


  • Gideon’s family corporation failed to pay their taxes for 4 years.

  • The business, which she was directly connected to, skipped paying more than $57,000 in taxes, resulting in 77 tax liens. 

  • Gideon is among the wealthiest Americans, with a net worth of between $1 million and $3 million.

Gideon’s campaign website also says "No corporation should pay nothing in taxes while families are struggling to make ends meet." 

But Sara's family corporation did just that -- failing to pay $57,000 in property taxes for 4 years.

As we’ve seen so many times before, Gideon’s bombastic rhetoric is the diametric opposite of her actions.

Gideon dodged taxes while consistently voting to raise taxes as a Freeport Town Councilor. 

And when recently asked about her involvement in her failed family business, she denied!

Mainers deserve the truth.

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